As our handprint on Jewish life continues to expand, so must our footprint.


Imagine a place where every person feels at home.

Imagine a place where children play, learn, and develop their identities; where young adults and seniors share their wisdom; where parents transmit the joys and beauty of our heritage to the next generation.

Imagine a place where learning and laughter, sacred and secular, spiritual and physical, come together in an inviting atmosphere of warmth and acceptance.

You Have Just Imagined Chabad of the Lehigh Valley


 Our need for growth is a blessing and a challenge... and we welcome both! The Chabad House is not just another physical structure! It is a home to anyone who walks through its doors; a home for stimulating discussions, probing questions, meaningful dialogue, and, most importantly a home of diversity and acceptance. A larger, more modern facility is needed to serve our expanding community.

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