"When a family has a child with special needs, everything changes.”

Friendship Circle provides your family with a supportive community that gives you the opportunity to form real friendships within a non-judgmental environment. Friendship Circle provides programs that are designed to nurture your child's social, physical and cognitive skills. We work individually with each family to understand their specific needs and concerns related to each child’s disability. .

We partner with each family to understand its members' specific needs and concerns and to offer them the services, programs and support they need the most. Teens in the  volunteer club are the "engine" that enables us to be individually responsive to each family.

As kids grow and needs change, The Friendship Circle is there ready to start new programs and fill each need.

Every week, pairs of teenage volunteers visit children in their homes, offering friendship and sharing activities. 
These teens are trained for their valuable role as friend and mentor.
The program gives volunteers the chance to get to know their Special Friends in the environment they are most comfortable in: their own homes. Together they can bake cookies, play games, create arts and crafts items, play in the snow, read books, or do just about anything you can think of! With so many opportunities to have fun together with their volunteer, it is no wonder children very often wait all week for the moment their friend turns up on their doorstep!

To register or to set up an appointment Please e-mail: or contact
Mrs. Dit Greenberg at 610-351-6511