The goals of Gan Yeladim are to encourage children to make choices with respect for themselves, others, and their surroundings; to help develop each child's self esteem, self-efficacy, and belief in him/her self; to nourish the child’s heart and mind as we develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills, so that the child will be a well-rounded person capable of solving problems and adapting to new situations; and to educate each child in a creative, supportive, and warm Jewish environment, so that they will not only learn about life as a Jew, but will learn to love it too!

Early Development is Fundamental to the Growth of Your Child!

Weekly Enhancement Classes!

Daily Creativity!

Beginner STEM Learning!


Reggio Curriculum

Rather than following a standard curriculum model with pre-determined units of study, the Reggio Curriculum has an underlying structure based on guided learning and collaboration. This approach engages the interests and skills of each individual child, interweaving teachings on a broad range of disciplines through real world learning. Within each Reggio community, short and long term projects emerge that highlight children’s learning processes. 

How We Learn:

  • Blocks: size & shape differentiation,  & structural balance
  • Science: cause & effect, measurement & exploration
  • Library: reading readiness, communication & language skills
  • Snack & Lunch: etiquette & manners, social interaction & self-help skills
  • Writing / Art: visual perception, creativity, colors, & fine motor skills