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Sukkah—a hut of temporary construction with a roof covering of branches—for the duration of the Sukkot festival (on the Jewish calendar Tishrei 15-21). For seven days and nights, we eat all our meals in the sukkah and otherwise regard it as our home.

Another Sukkot observance is the taking of the Four Kinds: an etrog (citron), a lulav (palm frond), three hadassim (myrtle twigs) and two aravot (willow twigs). On each day of the festival (excepting Shabbat), we take the Four Kinds, recite a blessing over them, bring them together in our hands and wave them in all six directions: right, left, forward, up, down and backward. Our sages in the midrash tell us that the Four Kinds represent the various types and personalities that comprise the community of Israel, whose intrinsic unity we emphasize on Sukkot.

Back by popular demand, we will again be offering services in an outdoor tent for enhanced safety.

Monday, Sept. 20, 2021

Light Candles at 6:44 pm

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021

Morning Services: 10:00 am

Light Candles* after 7:42 pm

Say Blessings 4 & 6

Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021

Morning Services: 10:00 am

Holiday Ends at 7:49 pm