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This Year, join a meaningful and inspiring High Holiday service, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with refreshingly casual and easy to follow services where every Jew gains a sense of belonging. Acceptance of every Jew regardless of background or prior experience is the hallmark of Chabad’s philosophy. No membership required.

Main Flights

Rosh Hashanah

Join us on a once in a lifetime venture to the year 5779 and beyond!  read more}  


Yom Kippur

Let your spirit travel amidst a soul-stirring melody. The Gates of Return are opened, beckoning every soul to enter. Inspiring expeditions you don’t want to miss.  read more}  

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  Simchat Torah  

Looking for a musical adventure? Don’t miss Simchat Torah!  read more}

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  Journey with your ancestors who spent forty years traversing the desert.  read more}