December 9 - Tevet: Finding Faith
A Jewish Perspective on Pain and Suffering 

Why does God allow suffering in His world? In times of pain and suffering, we can feel distant from God. How do we access faith in challenging times? How can we navigate the fine line between acceptance, and praying for suffering to cease?


 Your Beautiful Fruit
Seven Fruits—Seven Dimensions of Your Soul
On Tu B’Shevat, the “New Year for Fruit Trees,” we partake of the fruits for which the Land of Israel is blessed, each of which embodies a lesson in personal or spiritual growth. Through exploring the seven species, this lesson will examine how we can live a wholesome life despite the conflict and fragmentation we experience in our lives -

The Woman in the Moon
Kabbalistic Insights into Femininity and the Jewish Calendar 

What is the uniqueness of a woman? This lesson will delve into the mysterious quality of femininity, which is metaphorically associated with the moon. What is femininity? How can we express the feminine aspects of our personality to beautify the world and those around us?


 Your Reason for Being
Uncovering Your Personal Mission—A Lesson from Queen Esther 

Do you matter? In a climactic moment recorded in the Megilah, Mordechai pleads with Esther to fulfill what could be her raison d'être. Does each of us have a personal mission that only we can fulfill? What tools can we use to discover our unique purpose in life?


 Free at Last
Redefining Freedom in the 21st Century 

Passover is the “Festival of Our Freedom.” But what does freedom mean to us today, when governments give us the autonomy to live as we choose? We are no longer enslaved, but does that mean we are truly free? How do we attain a sense of internal freedom from our personal enslavements?


Engraved in Your Heart
Finding Personal Meaning in the Ten Commandments 

The Ten Commandments communicate God’s message to humankind for all generations. But why these ten? In this lesson, we’ll discover how the Ten Commandments encapsulate timeless and unexpected wisdom, changing how we view ourselves, our relationships, and our world.